ExpressConnect Docs

Product Overview

ExpressConnect is a solution that helps organisations focus on optimising their business processes by exchanging data between multiple systems both within and outside their Organisation.

With ExpressConnect, organisations can create high-value business solutions that rely on a fast, reliable, and extensible data exchange framework. With this, customers can focus on business changes and process optimisation, knowing that the base necessities are already covered.

The ExpressConnect solution consists of three core components:

   ExpressAPI - The ExpressAPI exposes REST API endpoints aligned with the OpenAPI specifications.

   ExpressEvent - The ExpressEvent introduces an event framework that allows TRIRIGA to transmit events to externally connected systems in real time.

   ExpressAdaptor – The ExpressAdaptor can dynamically connect to the IBM AppConnect platform to extend the API scope and end-to-end use cases.

ExpressConnect sits on top of the TRIRIGA Platform and Application, which allows for convenient deployment and activation of these capabilities through the Object Migration (OM) process.

Any future improvements to ExpressConnect will be delivered through the OM process, allowing for seamless promotion of ExpressConnect through different environments using the exact mechanism as your existing TRIRIGA configurations.

Customers can use the ExpressConnect solution for On-premise, SaaS, or TAS set-up.