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API Gateway

The Gateway component exposes the API endpoints aligned with OpenAPI standards and manages the paths and the methods available for the API Paths. The exposed API paths are all contained within the TRIRIGA context path requiring no additional network configuration. Finally, the gateway component validates the request against the available API Paths and the Operators.

The Gateway component manages the API End Point-specific routing to route the request to the correct internal branches for further processing through the Request and Response Handler component. In addition, this component validates the combination of the API path and the requested “Method” of execution, for example, GET, POST, etc.

The responsibility for parsing the operators and constructing the search operation also lies within the Gateway. This component will check for syntax and build the search and control parameters based on the operators included in the request.

Towards the end of the request, the Gateway component will receive the response from the Request and Response Handler component and pass the response to the requester.