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ExpressAPI Cache Manager

Cache Configuration

The in-built cache is one of the core components of the ExpressAPI run-time. The run-time behaviour of the cache can be configured and controlled through the TRIRIGA application.

The cache settings can be configured on the Global and the API Path Level.

The global settings for the cache deal with defining the size of the cache and default refresh policies. The cache size can be defined as the number of keys or the maximum size of the memory store.

The cache setting feature options on the API Path Level define the cache loading policy. The Administrators can set up intervals for full and incremental loads and provide criteria for the incremental load fetch of data.

Combining the full and incremental loads ensures the cache is always in sync. The incremental cache load can be adjusted to a low “minute” value for highly transactional objects, such as Service Requests or Tasks.

The cache management functions are exposed through APIs.

With the auto-loading enabled, the cache will load the records in the cache on the server start-up. The cache can also be loaded and managed manually or through scripted API calls.

The ExpressEvent capability planned for a later release will introduce real-time cache update capabilities through the event pub-sub feature.

The cache, once loaded, can be validated online to confirm the integrity of the cache. The testing can be performed manually or through scripted API calls.