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Request & Response Handler

The Request and Response Handler is the leading orchestration component handling the requests. It will parse the request, execute the required actions, and prepare the response payload (success or exception) for return transmission by the Gateway component.

Once the schema validation is successful, the Request and Response Handler component will perform further validation steps.

During the next step in the validation process, the component will validate the referential integrity of any dynamic data fields containing Classification and Hierarchy data. After that, the Schema Validator component will ensure that the linked data fields have the data matching the ID and Path in the system before it can accept the data.

We refer to all these checks collectively as reference data validation.

The next step within the validation component is the Business Rules validation. This validation step is quite complex to achieve as the business rules can be quite complicated and could vary for each implementation. These validations generally cover the items that have related validations or multilevel validations. The approach we have taken is the component provides a framework for the business rules validation, and the Customer can look to provision specific validation through custom workflow steps.

The execution at this point will move over to the Data Access Layer. This component will manage the data exchange actions, such as getting the record data or updating any specific data.

Towards the end, it will pass the response back to the gateway component for further transmission. It will rely on the hint and display operator to adjust the response output in preparing the response.