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New Features

The ExpressConnect consists of multiple features. We maintain a healthy roadmap of features and additional features are planned for the next releases.

A summary of features is below:

Following features are Available Now
ExpressAPI - OpenAPI Spec 3.x aligned API add-on
100s of pre-built APIs as part of API Packs – get started in hours or days. (2 API packs, 31 objects, over 250 end points and over 400 (CRUD) actions)
Clever caching capabilities – response improvement of 40% or more
Fully embedded capability introduced through OM Packs.
Range of in-built search and data management options.
Embedded OpenAPI Explorer UX App (React + Carbon).
Automated OpenAPI specs generation also acting as the primary documentation
Automated Test collection generation for Postman.
Add-on product support and basic enhancements included in the base price
Additional Services available for Delta configuration, Functional tests, Performance tests, End-to-End Integration tests, Extended support option