ExpressConnect Docs


Security Groups

The Security Groups are used to define the access controls, and they govern the run-time access provided to various capabilities within the software.

There are three main security groups used by the ExpressConnect software.

MK – ExpressConnect – Core

The Core security group provides access to Classic and OpenAPI Explorer web apps.

MK – ExpressConnect – ExpressAPI

The ExpressAPI security group provides access to the ExpressAPI classic apps and API configuration objects. The ExpressAPI group also control access to cache configuration and the caching components.

MK – ExpressConnect – ExpressAPI – Portfolio

The ExpressAPI – Portfolio security group provides access to the Portfolio API end points and the underlying data objects.

Apart from these security groups, a user should also have assigned with regular functional security groups assigned to allow access to he underlying objects. Additionally, they should have the right geographical and organisational security groups assigned to them to allow proper data segregation.